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Nutrition for School Children

Introduction to Nutrition for Children

Maintaining a balanced diet and getting all the essential nutrients is important for all the school-aged children. Now a days, with the increase in the trend of fast food chains, the children don't get all the nutrients they need. The children are required to eat a variety of foods from each food group to ensure intake of all vitamins and minerals. Poor nutrition compromises both the quality of life of school-aged children but also their potential to benefit from education. Adequate nutrition of school aged children will also ensure they grow to their full potential, and provide the stepping stones to a healthy life.

Essential nutrients for the school-aged child

School-aged children are very active physically and they also have to focus on the studies. As a result, their nutritional needs are high and critical. A recent research has found that the school going children are facing deficiencies in iron, calcium and proteins and thus have an impact on children’s ability to think. For example, deficiency in iron has been associated with impairment of neuropsychological function, retardation of growth and development, reduced immunity and increased vulnerability to infectious diseases. The essential nutrients for optimal health are:


Carbohydrates and Fats provide energy for growth and physical activity. During periods of rapid growth, appetites increase and children tend to eat constantly. When growth slows, appetites diminish and children eat less at meal times. The brain needs energy to function properly and hence the supply of glucose is relevant and critical. Cognitively demanding tasks, such as schoolwork, require regular supplies of glucose to the brain in order to enhance cognitive functioning and improves memory and mood.


Protein builds, maintains and repairs body tissue. It is especially important for growth. It’s important that parents encourage children to eat two to three servings of protein daily.


Calcium is important in building strong bones and teeth. Bone density suffers when calcium needs are not met during childhood years. Osteoporosis, a weakened bone disease affects a significant proportion of adults. This begins in childhood if diets are not providing adequate calcium-rich foods.


Children need iron because of rapidly expanding blood volume during growth. Iron helps to preserve many vital functions in the body, including general energy and focus, gastrointestinal processes, the immune system, and the regulation of body temperature.

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